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Get the Launch Week Bundle this week only. Everything you need to LEARN, EXPERIMENT, and EMPOWER is packed into this bundle with 16 Youth Ministry Labs, along with hundreds of dollars worth of our other favorite resources.



  • 16 Youth Ministry Labs – Videos, Experiments, and FB Group Access
  • A One-Year Subscription to
  • Our Most Popular Resources From
  • All 48 Games from (PDFs)

The $119 Bundle is only available from Friday, January 29 at 12:00 Noon EST to Thursday, February 4 at 8:00pm EST.

We’re giving away huge prizes to the first two people who purchase a bundle, plus randomly selecting one person to win a lifetime membership to Youth Ministry Labs! To be eligible to win, purchase a bundle anytime before Friday, January 29 at 11:59 EST.


  • Spiritual Habits For Students
  • Developing A Better Recruiting Strategy
  • Creative Ideas For New Volunteer Roles
  • Appreciating Your Volunteers
  • Making Your Games More Fun
  • Building A Better Volunteer Culture
  • Empowering Volunteers To Connect With Families
  • Creating A Culture Where Students Serve
  • Spiritual Habits For Students
  • Developing A Better Recruiting Strategy
  • Creative Ideas For New Volunteer Roles
  • Appreciating Your Volunteers
  • Making Your Games More Fun
  • Building A Better Volunteer Culture
  • Empowering Volunteers To Connect With Families
  • Creating A Culture Where Students Serve


Each Lab Includes 3 Things:

A Training Video

Each Lab includes a short (12-20 min) training video to help you and your team learn something new. These videos are designed for you to watch on your own, to show during a meeting, or to send to your key volunteers or staff members.

An Experiment

Each Lab includes a downloadable Experiment for you and your team to try in your ministry. These Experiments are all about sparking innovation by helping you try something new with what you’ve learned.

A Community

Every time you purchase a Lab, you or someone on your team will receive access to a private Facebook group of youth ministry experimenters and innovators just like you, because it’s more fun to learn when we all learn together.


With Each Lab, You’ll Do 3 Things:


If we’re serious about reaching the next generation, we need to be learners. That’s why you’ll begin each Lab by learning something new from an experienced church leader and then discuss what you’re learning in our exclusive Facebook group.


Every ministry is different. That’s why our Experiments aren’t designed to give you every answer, but to spark new ideas and give you a starting point. Because if you want to discover what works best for your ministry, you’ll need to experiment.


If we want our ministries to be effective and sustainable, we can’t do everything alone. That’s why, in every Lab, we’ll remind you to multiply your influence by bringing someone else into the conversation and empowering them to lead and to innovate.


This is GREAT!! This is something I will definitely share with my team, we will watch the video together, and we will talk through all that you suggest. THIS IS SO GOOD – thank you!!

Stephen Perry

Pastor of Middle School Ministry, 12Stone Church

Love your new project!!! Clarity, focus, concise…so many possible venues to use this video piece. I would love to show this to my staff team as a “refresher” regarding our goals now that we are a few pages into the calendar year…but also a piece like this makes it easy for team leaders to pull together a post service coffee bunch or lunch bunch with current volunteers and do a quick training without having to dedicate someone to prepare the presentation. Always helpful when time is such a hot commodity! Your strategy and points are spot on! Love from your friends in Seattle!

Christina Bergevin

Children's Pastor, Northshore Christian Church

This is such a breath of fresh air. Our focus here is Small groups for 2016. You guys are legends. Thanks all the way from New Zealand.

Patrick Rounds

Youth Pastor, TePuke Baptist Church

I LOVE this. I love that the information given in the video is HUGE, but also very practical and easy to implement. Thanks so much for starting on this project. I see this as something I can use, but I can also get my team to watch because the video was only 15 minutes long. Our church subscribes to another service that is designed to help us get more volunteers, but the videos are over an hour long and that can be difficult for people to make time for, especially if they are volunteers themselves.

Tim Chappell

Next Gen Pastor, Forest Park Church


What’s a 200% money back guarantee? Good question. I think we made it up. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund you 100% of what you paid AND you still get to keep all the Videos, Experiments, and Resources. But, like, we really hope you don’t hate them.


Kenny Campbell

Kenny was the Middle School Pastor for 9 years at The Chapel in Buffalo, NY. During that time, he founded Stuff You Can Use with his wife Elle – an organization that resources and trains youth pastors from all over the world. In 2014 Kenny and Elle moved from Buffalo, NY to Atlanta, GA to take positions on staff at Orange full time. When Kenny’s not creating new resources for youth pastors, he spends most of his time rooting for the Bills and discovering great food on Yelp. To check out what Kenny’s been working on lately, go to

Elle Campbell

Elle Campbell spent seven years ministering to middle schoolers at The Chapel in Buffalo, New York. She now works with The reThink Group (also known as Orange), as Creative Director for the XP3 Middle School Curriculum and Lead Writer for Lead Small Weekly. Elle and her husband, Kenny, are the creators and operators of, which has been providing resources for youth pastors since 2012. For more information about Elle, follow her on Twitter @Ellllllllllle (with eleven L’s) or visit ElleCampbell.orgElle is also the co-author of Creating a Lead Small Culture with Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy.

Ben Crawshaw

Ben Crawshaw heads up content development for The Rocket Company, a church resourcing organization in Atlanta, GA. He also leads the student initiative (XP3 Students & High School Camp) at Orange. He graduated from Lee University, where he studied English and begged for food. Prior to working at Orange, Ben was the Creative Director of High School Ministry at North Point Community Church. In his free time, you can find Ben doing the Braves’ Tomahawk Chop, watching non-horror movies, or eating Reese’s Pieces. He and his wife Holly love living in their hometown of Cumming, GA, where they have two daughters, Lilah and Esmae, and an unruly cat named Cupcake.

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